Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pokka cafe, Jusco, Kornhill, Quarry Bay, HK

It's sometimes to ask a kid over 10 years old for what their favourite food is. My nephew insisted on getting a mushroom soup (photo 4) and pan fried rice patty with chicken (photo 8) from this restaurant. I can say these 2 are the best out of all the others. Didn't mean the others are no good. The mushroom is awesome with a light touch of truffle oil in a fresh made cream soup base. The pan fried rice patty was very nice but unfortunately the chicken wasn't well done enough. I somehow got a 5 course beef filet dinner set with a pumpkin beet root soup (photo 2), scallop salad (3), beef filet (6), ice cream (9) and the superb Blue Mountain coffee. Only the Blue Mountain coffee is already HK$79, but this whole set is just HK$168. BTW, I was told that only this branch of Pokka at Jusco Kornhill is worth trying.

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Mickey Mouse said...

i love mushroom soup too, esp. wild mushroom.