Thursday, August 16, 2012

A steeping high Starbucks, Elign Street (Caine Rd), Mid-Level, HK

When I walked up to Caine Road on Elign Street, there I saw a Starbucks entrance on the back lane of Elign Street. It is so tall that it actually linked up to the main entrance on Caine Rd. For sure I had to check it out and had my favourite iced mocha and lamington cake. Starbucks is one the very few chain that would keep their drinks in consistent quality not just in HK but also many other SE Asian cities I have ever visited.


Mickey Mouse said...

buy a Starbucks cash card, make sure to register it (at shop or via its website), and u will love it!

Stella said...

Yes, according to Mickey and also my friends, many good surprises after you register.

Yes, Starbucks is very consistent for its coffee, nice service, friendly staffs and cozy atmosphere on 99% of its shops locally or globally.

To me, I go for the warm feel inside as main product while the drink is only secondary.

in the sea said...

Yes, i almost did but then gave up because I don't wanna fill out those info. I got very tired of too many cards in HK - even a mini store having a member card.

Stella said...

I did not do this card too as I hate to go on line to fill info.

But I was told by many it is worth to do this card as many good surprises.

My customer friend said she will do this for me later when she retires.