Monday, August 20, 2012

Italian Tomato Cafe Jr., Wanchai, HK

Half year ago, on a bus ride back home from Admiralty and passed by the beginning of Hennessy Road, something very bright and red with a lovely tomato sign was so sharp. Italian Tomato cafe was once a regular place my friends and I used to visit. Without any hesitation, I came to this new branch for some good old memory. Turned out a horrible time. First the pumpkin soup was a yellow colour cornstarch seasoned water. The Caesar salad was with some cheap lousy dressing and the bruised chicken with months of fridge smell. The honey ham was so so and the pizza was made of some heavy cheap cheeze. At last, I thought the green tea cake can be something to make up for a lousy meal. Forget it. Never tasted such a tough and dry green tea cake. The whole meal for one person is about HK$110. Better go to UCC or Pokka cafe instead.


Mickey Mouse said...

was that a Coke? so so, it should be the best food of the meal. *_*

Stella said...

I think the drink is iced coffee as there is milk next to it.
Glad to hear some lousy food in HK once in a blue moon.
Thank you Sea.

in the sea said...

SS, not once in a blue moon.... It's just half and half. :) Yes, it's an iced coffee and it's the best in this meal.

Stella said...

Thank you Sea.