Friday, August 17, 2012

La Cucina Italiana, QRE Plaza, Wanchai, HK

QRE Plaza (opposite to Hopewell Center on Queen's Rd. East, Wanchai) has a no. of western dining places, but in general I am not impressed with any of those including this one, though they are not the best, nor the worst. Neither would I appreciate that those shops often try to make their names sound like they are natives, but the fact is often on the opposite. First the bread basket isn't appealing and pizza bread (to go with the antipasti) reminds me of a famous Chinese classic novel figure 鍾無艷 (a lady with half face white and beautiful and the other half face in dark and spotty). So is the parma ham pizza that the parma ham was put on one side. The photo 6 - guess what? It's a tuna tartar with rocket leaves salad. At last, folks, don't get tricked it's very local when you see a bottle of Pelligrino was shown in this way (photo 8).


Mickey Mouse said...

so the soy-sauce European cuisine now evolves to Wanchai European cuisine .. LoL

that bottle of S.Pellegrino maybe a 14th century reserve, or at least the owner think that it is .. LoL

in the sea said...

Restaurants like this one usually hire some SE Asian English speaking staff to make it "sound" more western. This goes with the "flower based" Pellegrino "looks" western too.