Monday, August 13, 2012

Maxim's Restaurant, Cityplaza phase II, Taikooshing, HK

This branch of Maxim's has proven a big step forward with their quality classic dishes. This time I tried their signature combo of giant garoupa (龍躉) in chunk slices stir fried with celery and belly/head stewed with garlic casserole (HK$298). The stir fried dish is so good that the fish meat is bouncy and juicy to mix with the refreshing celery light sweetness. The chef made a perfect light chicken stock dressing (玻璃獻) to seal the stir fried. As you can see, no heavy sauce is left on the plate. The stew belly/head casserole was made in a very classic way that some roasted pork was put to mix with the lightly fried garlic. So good to go with steamed rice. I ordered the soup of the day - winter melon, barley (and 茨實) with pork - good for the summer time. Another delightful dish is that sweet and sour spare ribs. I prefer this one with spare ribs to pork, since the spare ribs delivers a better aroma for the dish. The sweet and sour sauce is pretty good that it's not heavily sweet, and deep fried spare ribs was still very crispy.


Mickey Mouse said...

good that Maxim is back to the ring!

Stella said...

Maxim is kind of expensive.
The $40US fish dish has small portion.
Sweet and sour rib is my favorite.

in the sea said...

Not sure if there will be a roller coaster ride. Nowadays the restaurants are really know how to get us a bumpy ride.
SS, the HK$298 is a combo dishes for the stir fried with celery and the casserole. Besides, it's a giant garoupa, not a frozen fish filet.

Anonymous said...

龍躉 is known as a giant and high-so fish, and usually sold by portions (not whole fish), here HK$298 a portion is actually a bargain, esp. when it is 龍躉 2-eat!

Don't always compare a sick-chik with a phoenix! To compare, make sure that they are of the same grade, only.

in the sea said...

Thanks Anonymous for the remarks.