Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wu Kong restaurant 滬江飯店 Lee's Theatre Plaza, Causeway Bay HK

This shop moved from Times Square Food Forum to the Lee's Theatre Plaza in February. The move didn't move away her fans including me. The quality didn't move either. It's one of the very few that can always keep up their food and service, not even a single time disappointing me. The below shows 2 visits within 3 days. Yes, so good to share with good friends. Their Peking duck set (HK$888) claimed to be for 4 person portion can serve for 6 persons (a chicken dumpling soup for 10 bowls, a big fish, big fried noodle...). Super bargain and super delicious. I am also very delighted to finally taste the mini dumplings in wined rice and osmanthus sweet (the last 2 photos) with some tangerine. The shop gave some complimentary western dessert due to the long line waiting. That's why Wu Kong's fans keep on waiting without complaints. Very good customers' services.

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Stella said...

The food looks good so no wonder you go there 2 times in 3 days.
I think you like to share good restaurants with your friends so you keep going to the same place and eat the same food.
Peking Duck in MP(not a set though)is $9.99US with order of 3 dishes. This is a new restaurant in called Atlantic Seafood Restaurant at 500 N. Atlantic Blvd., MP.
The duck skin is thin with no fat at all like the one in Shang Palace.
Peking Duck is always my #1 favorite, followed by roasted piggy.