Friday, August 10, 2012

Hysan Place - Grand Opening - 10 Aug 2012, Causeway Bay HK

Long awaited Hysan Place had the grand opening today, in the site of ex-Mitsukoshi dept. store. It's really "people mountain people sea". Eslite book store (誠品書店) had to close the store due to a high flow of customers inside. The mall's management needed to switch off the escalators from the level 7-9 where Elite store is. So the customers had to go up to 12th to 14th floors to take the elevators going down to 2nd floor. I believe the management didn't expect such a high flow of customers. The mall has a sky garden on the 4th floor (the last few photos) - good for us to have a breath and a view to busy Causeway Bay


Mickey Mouse said...

no wonder HK tourists like so much roaming at Siam Paragon (Bangkok) which is an ultra lousy and useless mall in Asia, as they like to shop at new malls.

in the sea said...

Mickey, yes, in Cantonese I often comment how people like to ”踩在時代尖端“ (be the pioneer of market trend). They like to label themselves with "I know", "I'm here", including myself... :)

Stella said...

This mall is so similar to those in BKK like Siam Paragon and Emporium.

Oh we have "Tong Chiu" opened recently. Have to check if connected to the HK one.

It is good to be the pioneer of market trend with "I know" "I am here".... We have to be enthusiastic about new stuffs and new trends surrounding us. Go to be involved with our city development.

in the sea said...

The almond sweet and bean curd sweet were once very nice from the Tong Chiu (Dynasty) Happy Valley branch.