Monday, August 06, 2012

Aoba Japanese noodle soup, Vivo City, Singapore

Noticed quite many restaurants offering lunch set at the price range of S$15, covering a main dish and a drink. This is somewhat expensive because the portion isn't that big and considering it's a fast food type restaurant. The food quality is at average. So this meal with one more appetizer plus service and tax cost about S$25 per person (equil. to US$20).


Mickey Mouse said...

wow THB 600 just to eat ramen is very expensive.

in the sea said...

That's why I then decided to take soup and salad for the other meals. :) If this noodle soup is nice, I don't mind paying more. Salad is easy to control the taste when we ask them to put the dressing aside and as long as the veggie is fresh enough.

Stella said...

Thank you SEA for the post as
this made me feel glad I am in LA, finally.