Thursday, November 17, 2011

The bravery award goes to....

This shop opened a branch near the Nan Xiang Siu Lon Bao shop in Yue Yuan. Of course, their ad. of the antique news from Times Magazine posted outside the shop as a big back drop. Besides, some celebrities like Faye Wong, Jacky Cheung's sketches are all along the walls inside the shop. So as I further checked who the clientele are in the shop, (please click the photo for a larger view), that again told "tricks can never be old, as long as you take it".


Thailand Club said...

so 90% we pay for the meal is not for the food, but to support Din Tai Fung's ads and pr costs!

recently i found out a small local Thai-Chinese run cheap xiao-long-bao shop at BigC Rajdamri (yes, that BigC opposite CWP) is more delicious than the Din Tai Fung opposite the street ..

Anonymous said...

It is not easy that food be better than this place.
But it is hard to have a business as good as this one while food choices is limited, taste is plain, portion is small and yet food price is expensive.
Really amazing.
P.S. Cannot enlarge the photo here.

Anonymous said...

Oh I mean it is not "hard" on first sentence instead of "easy".

in the sea said...

Food choice is limited? They have quite some "bravery" dishes on the menu list, and even some typical Chinese stir fried dishes.
TC, thanks for the tips. Will go check that out next time.