Friday, November 25, 2011

A grocery on Huai Hai Rd 淮海路, Shanghai

Checking a local store or grocery would simply give you an idea of how life it is with the local people, especially for me to smell the food. That's really exciting for me. I really wanna grab a bucket of the drunken crab (photo 1) & preserved salty pork and golden ham (photo 8), as well as some jelly fish (photo 11).


Mickey Mouse said...

wow such a five flower eight door .. hehe

shopping processed food in China is kind of risky, too much fake or clone food .. scary!

Stella said...

Wow really exciting.

Lots of choices.

Glad that I am not here, otherwise I will shop shop shop and go broke.

in the sea said...

That's why I just watched. My luggage is still at the same weight back.

Stella said...

You have good control and good will power Sea in terms of shopping.
Shall learn from you.

in the sea said...

You can be... too.