Sunday, November 06, 2011

Cucina, Italian restaurant, JW Marriott Mai Khao Phuket

Cucina of JW Marriott and the Sala Restaurant are the 2 restaurants that I would pay for a local cab to go for dinner during my stays at Aleenta. This time I made an advance booking for this restaurant and brought my other friends to try it. Glad that it didn't disappoint me. My friend immediately got impressed with the stone grinder for some fresh sea salt, herb, and pepper. 3/4 are the seafood salad and crab meat avocado salad, really nice in freshness and light touch of salad dressing. The highlight should be the mushroom soup (photo 5), simply reminds me of the one made by Clippers Lounge of MO HK. Personally I don't like cream or mushroom soup, except these 2. We couldn't help it and ordered one more Caesars salad (photo 6) to go with the nice bread and soup. 7. Spicy salami pizza is so good and a very big portion. 8. Good that we put this one at last since this Fettucini in Carbonara sauce is very aromatic. The egg yolk and cream flavour is so good and the fresh fettucini made. The whole meal (some are in double orders like soup and salad) for 4 persons with several bottles of San Pellegrino water is at around THB3,500 net. Good that I have the Marriott Gold 4 diner 50% discount coupon at this JW Marriott. So THB1,800 net for 4 persons is really amazing to us, THB450 net for each person. We were so full that we couldn't take any dessert.


Mickey Mouse said...

Cucina, the one in BKK is scary, remember the shameless local owned and managed Jap restaurant in CWP without any shame to use this name?

lucky JW Marriott's Cucina has better hand on its food; yes, this one looks like real mushroom soup, not cream soup .. can tell, yummy

Stella said...

Good food and good environment.
The stone grinder is very unique.
Only $13US per person is too good to be true at this nice place.
You have "earned" a lot from here Sea.
How come only 4, where is the other 2?

in the sea said...

Maybe Cucina is a very common Italian word. I recalled that Cucina in CWP though I haven't tried it.
SS, it should be US$25 before my using the 50% off coupon. It's interesting that I found out that voucher since I wasn't supposed to do so. Just as I wanna get some other hotel room vouchers for my friends, this voucher showed up. SS, the other 2 left already on the last night of the trip. :(

Stella said...

Hi Sea,
You are always a smart consumer and know how to get your money worth.
$12.50 US each for this nice meal is a big bargain. You earned a lot out of this meal.
I also remember you get the hotels either in discounted price or upgrade, and also the flights.
So the more you spend the more you earn out of your trips.
No wonder you keep making so many tripsss as the more you go the more you earn. What a good way to "earn" money.
Maybe this is your main career. He He.

in the sea said...

That's how we should make good use of our hard earned money. Don't be a "暴發戶" (naive big spender).

Stella said...

Also don't be a "water fish".