Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Central World food court BKK

Every now and then I like visiting food courts in Bangkok. The food may not be the best but it's pretty entertaining to check out each food stall of what they serve. My regular choices are often a som tam (green papaya salad) and a noodle soup or Pad Thai, with a dessert of herbal jelly. Just at about THB100-150, I can have a very full meal. This food court is on the top floor of Central World, behind the supermarket.


Mickey Mouse said...

it does offer a nice view, sofa seats, thrifty price, and fun , love this food court, just the location is very inconvenience .. i always forget there is a food court in CWP

in the sea said...

If we didn't talk about food court in CWP, we often forgot there is one behind the supermarket.