Friday, November 04, 2011

Phang Nga Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center Thailand

I haven't personally visited this spot. Pixmation and other friends went to visit here. It's about 20 miles north of Aleenta. According to Pixmation, all along the coastal area from Natai beach (Aleenta) to this place, the beach is stretched endlessly, and I believe it's all the way up to Khao Lak. Another yet-to-explore trip is on the agenda. Thanks to Pixmation for letting me post the photos he took on this short visit to this exotic place.


Mickey Mouse said...

wow, u went touring this time, i think Alennta maybe surprised why u 'go out' a lot, the resort probably reserved lots of vip treats and activities for ur group, but u were too busy .. hahaha

pixmation said...

That name of the area is Thai Mueang Beach according to the map which the staff at Aleenta drew for us. Also you can see on the map that with the iPhone GPS location here:

in the sea said...

Mickey, I also think of the same on how Aleenta would wonder "what's wrong with them". Anyway, we told them we brought some friends to Phuket for the first time visit. BTW, they were very nice already to give us some treats.
Thanks Pixmation. Sorry I didn't join you on that trip. If the whole group was on that trip, I'd further suggest drive up to Khao Lak where a lot of nice resorts are (about another 20 miles away).