Tuesday, November 15, 2011

老上海弄堂菜館, 上海南京東路, Classic Shanghai Cuisine, Nanjing E Rd., Shanghai

Had a very nice dinner at this classic Shanghai restaurant (new branch on Nanjing E. Rd, close to the Bund 外灘). Tried their signature "white steamed chicken 白切雞" (RMB35), photo 3 onward, Bean curd sheet cake casserole 砂碢什景百頁糕 (RMB35), Smoked fish 薰魚 (RMB28), pan fried scallion sticky rice 干煎香蔥飯團(RMB16), siu lon bao (RMB12), pan fried pork bun (RMB15), stir fried veggie (RMB20), mini sticky rice dumpling in wine rice sweet 酒釀丸子 (RMB8). To be frank, I like them all, esp. my favourite smoked fish. I even don't care the heavy sweet soy sauce as that's the essence of Shanghai dishes. The casserole was in some very nice salty pork/chicken stock. The bean curd sheet cake is very tender but not mashy. The pan fried sticky rice is even better than the one made by Luo Luo Shanghai restauarant. Their siu lon bao is so good with nice flour and pork flavour blended together. The highlight is the pan fried buns. When I had my first bite, something very aromatic blast in my taste buds - the sesame! This is the first time I had pan fried bun made in this way.
Besides, the waiters/waitresses are very nice, especially the captain lady greeting each table of guests. I then took the opportunity to ask her what the meaning of 弄堂 (Loan Taong) is. She explained it's the old style Shanghai's streets with 2 rows of houses facing each other and most of them with their doors wide open so that kids can run around in and out. That actually implies a happy harmony of home feeling. Very warm!


Thailand Club said...

everything is so Shanghaiese here, the fried sticky rice is unique, looks like new age Shanghai ppl eat lighter than before .. *_*

Stella said...

Welcome back to the blog.
The food here makes my mouth watery.
They all look so delicious and authentic.
Lucky you.

in the sea said...

Just I didn't order the "red burnt" fatty pork and some other heavy dishes... :)