Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Autumn room review: Mandarin Oriental BKK

The room itself of MO BKK remains of my ultimate satisfactory standard, from sound proof, room amenities, air-conditioning system to bath room comfort...etc. I especially like the ventilators inside the cabinets. So far I haven't seen other similar facilities like that. Service-wise, the service level staff still keep their certain professional standard. However, the security team has been of some notable concern and further on the senior management too, yes, senior management. As my friends took another flight to arrive a few hours later than me, I went out to check the street condition if there was some flooding around the MO area. So naturally I put on my sandals. At that time, I got a sms from my friend that it was another 10 minutes they would be reaching the hotel. So under such circumstances, I decided to stay around the area outside the hotel entrance since I was aware that waiting in the hotel lobby with my sandals on isn't appropriate. Then when it was time I thought my friends should have arrived, I went back to the lobby to welcome my friends for their first time coming to MO. However, the security person rudely questioned what I was doing there and even claimed that putting on sandals is not allowed in the hotel. I immediately told him the reason why I was outside the hotel lobby area as I was well aware of that. Unfortunately that security person didn't have any apologetic manner. I promptly went to the front office for bringing up a complaint. In the meantime, my friends arrived and so I had to make it brief. Anyway, when I returned to the room, the house manager called for a serious apology. So I took it and further explained the inappropriate manner of the security team. Then as I recall last year, another friend of mine was warned at the entrance from the riverside and questioned if he was staying there. I then wrote to the senior management that why this group of people being Asians having such a miserable discrimination to Asians, especially when I noted a no. of caucasians wearing sandals in the hotel lobby or restaurants...etc. The disappointment is that the senior management replied only after we left the hotel - took 3 days. So I didn't reply to their "form A" reply. Having said that, I still enjoy staying at MO as far as I won't bother to care about their senior management.


Mickey Mouse said...

unchanged melody!

Stella said...

Nice room, nice bathroom, nice air-con temperature, nice toilet, nice attentive service......
MO-BKK is still the best after all.

Arnold said...

Yes, today's MO-BKK is no. 1 at ghost butler service as unlike in the old days a floor butler stationed at his desk and served guest to the door (or to the lift) or to carry our shopping bags, now they just watch, and now most of the time you will never see a butler station at his desk.

Today's MO-BKK is no. 1 at hiring more dogs or buffalo from uncivilized villages to guard the hotel, and some human alike security guards will ask stupid questions while hotel guests return to the hotel, such as 'why are you coming to the hotel?' or 'what are you doing here?' (the two phrases were exact questions that two human alike security guards asked my friends staying in the hotel in separate occasions).

Today's MO-BKK is no. 1 at asking full paid hotel guests to pay for all services, in order for the hotel to train unskillful trainees on the spot, and have these unskilled trainees to serve us.

Today's MO-BKK is no. 1 at ignorance and bullying, the hotel will no more seriously look into your complaint unless you are a Fortune Top 500 celebrity, now each complaint to the hotel will be entertained in a canned reply.

Today's MO-BKK r no. 1 expert at fake smile, unlike era during uncle Kurt, they smile from the heart ..

Today's MO-BKK is no more a legendary hotel, the glory is fading!

in the sea said...

The room and some of the staff are still the only 2 factors I still wanna come back for a stay. BTW, it's still on sale towards the pre-Christmas time. That told they need customers. So the 500 celebrities can go away too if they don't make it to the best but now want "money" from the other clienteles. The sad thing is that the working staff do keep up the service but the senior management don't. So soon, the other staff will follow the same, as it's a virus spread.

Mickey Mouse said...

yes, it is very important to hv a good boss, junior staffs learn from the seniors, that's why after the departure of former G.M. Kurt, the service standard sink ..

i stop recommend MO-BKK accommodation since two years ago, now even Inter-Con or St. Regis can let my guests and friends stay happier

my expectations is on the opening of the Ritz Carlton, three years later, RC, pls don't let me down ..

Stella said...

MO-BKK is still the best.

in the sea said...

Again, keeping a business is tougher than starting a business. :)

Stella said...

Very true.
Hard to keep up the momentum after things have saturated.
So this is not the fault from MO-BKK. This is nature.