Thursday, November 17, 2011

上海新天地, Xin Tien De, Shanghai

This place is a preserved area for its classic old houses, and became a hip place for a number of western restaurants. I once visited a Brazilian BBQ in 2004. If you miss some western food, this can be a good choice for you to check what's out there. *photo 2: please don't try to take this kind of photo from this position (the middle of the road). Cars in Shanghai run pretty fast.


Thailand Club said...

i c my favorite in Xin Tien De, Starbucks .. ^_^

Anonymous said...

So the western restaurants and Starbucks are among all the eastern old houses.
This is where the east meets the west.
Good slogan for our bank.

in the sea said...

These are for the restaurants and coffee shops....:)