Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pattaya Grilled chicken, Pattaya

Have been to Pattaya about 4 times but haven't tried this famous grilled chicken restaurant. It turned out I should have visited here years ago. This time the food is pretty disappointing and especially the grilled chicken is dry chewy like a cartoon paper, though the seasoning of the chicken is not bad. All the other food are at average.


Mickey Mouse said...

this one is the Thai answer to Ding Tai Fung .. was good, after being famous, food become terrible, but those doesn't understand Asian cuisine still praise them, same same story!

in the sea said...

Har, Din Tai Fung was never good. When I first visited Taipei, I mentioned about Din Tai Fung but 99% of my local friends stopping me, and instead they brought me to other nice places. Actually going to Din Tai Fung in Taipei are always on the entertainment for foreign visitors, thanks to the antique Times magazine abused ad. like ATV's re-run programs day and night.