Sunday, November 20, 2011

The light well in water and air flow, Jumeirah Himalaya Hotel Shanghai

The hotel main building is built with a big round shape light well walled with piles of some 20 degree angled blades to create some air flow in a clockwise direction upward to the sky (check photo 1 & 4). So this is the basic creation of air flow combined in a simple elegant design.
In the day time this big light well is supposed for people to practise some slow moving exercises like jogging, tai chi...etc. So that's Air in the day time.
In the night time, some water would be filled in (check the last 3 photos) in the shallow stone area. As you can see, it becomes very serene and tanquil. Simply four words would come up in my mind - 夜涼如水 (The night as calm over the water). That's Water in the night time.


Thailand Club said...

besides its luxurious, so it is also an eco hotel .. nice

in the sea said...

Correct. It's quite eco designed. Even if you don't go out, you wouldn't feel bored in the hotel.