Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hotel Review: Plaza Athenee BKK

Tried this hotel 4 years ago and given the impression it's an average hotel. The standard room was a plain room without any deco. At this time, I was given a room upgrade to the club floor. This room type is very different from the standard room or I can say what a 5 star hotel room should be, i.e. at least with some furniture like a couch and a working desk...etc. The standard room is just at 3 star level and as I remember it's just a plain room with a bed and a chair and a TV set.
Back to this room, the only drawback is on the bed mattress that they don't rotate the mattress every 1 or 2 months. The mattress is pretty uneven. Besides, I really don't like most of the Starwood's heavy quilt (except Sheraton Hua Hin) that you need to switch your air-con. to 21 degree. This is not good for sleeping as you will get much too cold and dry air.
Why I was given an upgrade is that I was given a wrong room which was occupied. This could be very serious though the front desk tried to fix the problem. In fact, they did every best to fix the problem. I told their management that I know it's their computer system problem. From the time of my booking to the check-in and also the various tedious things, I can say their overall computer system really has much problem.


Mickey Mouse said...

wow this club floor room compare to their superior rooms is like heaven and hell, i should hv woke up earlier to visit u during lunch time, and take some pics

Stella said...

The room looks so spacious and comfy.
Must be over $100 US for sure.

in the sea said...

The room itself is very nice indeed. The only drawback is the bed mattress - same problem like Vie. :)

SS, the room rate is about US$150.

Stella said...

Thank you Sea for the note.
$150US is not cheap for this one considered many new hotels are at this price too.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures - thank you.

I think the major thing that sets hotels apart is the quality and efficiency of the service, which this hotel does very, very well in (I think your experience with the room happens rarely).

When I travel, all I need a hotel for is to sleep and have breakfast - the rest of the time I spend exploring the city!

in the sea said...

Thanks Anonymous. I think I should have further brought up the issue of the computer system of this hotel and that I also brought to the hotel's management. I agree to your point but as this is a well respected hotel in Europe and so I hope they can do better. There are some other hotels I don't care much.
FYI, after I booked the room, their computer generated email sent several times on my arrival time but which is wrong. I then told the reservation several times to correct it, but again it happened. Then after this room issue I encounter, I also had the key card locked up that I can't use it because the system can't recognise the 2 bookings. Even before this hotel could check what's wrong with it, I already told them the problem with their computer system. That means it happens to all the guests, not just me. Besides, when their system is not secured, you need to care it will happen to you when someone can come into your room.
After all, I just spent 2 minutes on explaining the importance of this issue to the management. No harm to get them understand the issue. Otherwise, the other guests will suffer from some unnecessary troubles and it can be even very serious as it's illegal intrusion.