Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On the rise, Bangkok in the challenge

The heavy rain brought by the several tropical cyclones over the past month is now coming down in the rivers of S.E. Asia. The high tide hasn't yet arrived Bangkok but the city is in full alert for this big challenge. Note that even in Siam Square (photo 2), the precaution is there. The last photo shows how high the river tide is. See the water level is already 1 foot higher on the riverside. These were taken at the BTS Saphan Tashin.


Stella said...

Yes I heard it is flooded in some areas.
But good that no typhoon in BKK though.

in the sea said...

However, if the typhoon from South China Sea hits on Vietnam and further move inland, that would pull up the south west monsoon wind which brings some very massive moisture. This is one of the causes for the serious flooding in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I post your pics to my forum to share this new shopping mall to my members? I will add a link to your blog and also will give a credit to In The Sky