Monday, October 31, 2011

With the Andaman Sea

1. at Maya Bay, Phi Phi island. All the others at Natai beach, Phang Nga.


pixmation said...

The ocean was surprisingly calm that it looks like there was no wave in the last photo.

The reflection on the sandy beach was very nice too.

Anonymous said...

This is so nice and beautiful. the beach and sea is very difernet to other photos you take this resort. you really like this place a lot though it is rain or calm.

Stella said...

Oh I saw Pixmation in 1st photo.

On the 4th photo that must be Mr. Trainer from his nice pose.

in the sea said...

Thanks. I need to remind that weather in Phuket can be very different. So please don't swim afar from the shore under any circumstances.
Pixmation, I waited for 5 minutes for the ripples go until I could get that reflection. :)