Monday, July 16, 2012

Flying high buffet on 103F, Cafe 103, Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Have been longing for coming back to Ritz Carlton after it went up so high on 103 floors of ICC in Kowloon West. Priority is for the food and second for the view. After the meal, these aren't what I hoped for. First the view is a bit too high and distant that the view looks like what we see from the plane. The food shouldn't be of Ritz Carlton's standard to me. However, if the price (HK$280+) is counted into consideration, that should be fine. I would nonetheless hope they increase the price by 30-40% more so as to give some decent food to its fans.
First the seafood is too bland, like they soaked in the water for a long time. Cheap Parma ham (so chewy and salty), veggie a bit rotten, the bread is so so. The better part is that they have some pretty good dessert that made up for the disappointing hot food. After the meal, I ordered my long missed Ritz Carlton cappuccino, but this last item totally destroyed my impression of this once of my most favourite hotel. Too dry and not aromatic. Besides, they forgot a nice cinnamon stick to stir in the aroma.
*check photo 2/10. Very strange setting to have their Italian restaurant Tosca on a lower floor like that - the people on the upper floor (cafe) can view so clearly of what they are eating and my business friend even told me it's not good for ladies, especially for this kind of classy restaurant where ladies would dress up some low cut.


Stella said...

$30US for this free breakfast buffet we could get from AG hotel is not worth it.
Ritz Carlton is never good for its food though.
Four Seasons Hotel has good food overall.

in the sea said...

The old Ritz Carlton in Central was so good. Their Italian restaurant and Chinese restaurant are what I missed much. The other good Ritz Carlton or the classic of them are the one in Cannes (serving the best croissant and house made yoghurt) and the one in Kuala Lumpur (serving very nice breakfast).
Mickey, not just the prawns but all the other seafood are horrible.