Saturday, July 21, 2012

Xiao Tin Guo 小甜谷, Western District, HK

Due to its fame in Tai Hang, the shop opened a new branch in the Western District. Unfortunately, their food quality isn't the same. In fact, only a few items are good in their original shop. Guess the owner was too flattered by her friends around and so to make an unwise move. See this new branch so empty. As I tried their house signature iced red bean frappe (photo 3), that told why the shop got so empty. The frappe is just ice cubes blended. No red bean at all, and not even some lotus seed (as it claimed so).


Mickey Mouse said...

can tell how bad it was, coz u hesitated to take photos!

in the sea said...

Right... wasting my SD card memory. :)

Stella said...

Glad to see some LA standard dessert eatery in HK.