Monday, July 30, 2012

Eastern Hong Kong and Kowloon

1. highway between Shaukiwan and Chai Wan. 2. Lei Yue Mun and Devil peak on the top. 3. Diamond Hill. 4. Lohas Park (日出康城) and Tseung Kwan O industrial city (right). 5. Yau Tong. 6. Shaukiwan


Mickey Mouse said...

HK under ur lends look livable ..

Stella said...

I was going to say that Mickey.
Yes, HK looks so beautiful with clear blue sky under your camera.

in the sea said...

When in some bright sun light, try to adjust the EV to -0.5 to even -1 so that the color will be more saturated. Also, the best is at the setting of the aperture F8-11. Sometimes, can be even down to F16 in extra bright sunlight.