Sunday, July 29, 2012

HK coastal defence museum (海防博物館), Ah Kun Arhm 亞公岩, HK

Photo 1: shows the HK street names changed to Japanese. Photo 2: a Japanese general squatting on the Sai Wan terrace (near Kornhill/Sai Wan Ho). Photo 3-5: some old memories. Photo 6/7: See that Rowntree's pastilles, Life Saver mint, Kit Kat. Please also check how good of our seniors had their calligraphy. Really makes me feel ashamed.


Mickey Mouse said...

wow, classic, Life Savers and Kit-Kat at that era. who hasn't taken one before!

Stella said...

i am still eating Life Savers and Kit Mat a lot.

in the sea said...

These 2 are really soul soothing during such a hard tough war time. Or it's even considered luxury.