Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An hour for a meal but a day of suffering, at Piccolo Pizza & Bar, Tin Hau, HK

Some areas in HK, like Tin Hau, Soho or Kowloon City are not what I prefer to visit. Restaurants are mostly on the surface and charging higher than normal, and with many human-like scanners. For those who wanna show off, these 3 areas are the choices. With this pressure, I tried not to have any prejudice in judging the food in restaurants I tried in these areas. However, not only me but also my friends have the same feeling.
Got attracted to this place due to its fireplace for baking pizza. Thought it's a good one. The pizza is just average. The sauce is too thin and the cheese too, but it's charged at HK$135. The important dough isn't that appealing either. The house salad (HK$68) is in a very small portion. It's interestingly put on a small plate for a coffee cup, not a decent plate. The veggie was tossed with some cheap olive oil and lemon juice. Supposed it's a correct making but the cheap olive oil destroyed the whole dish. This is worse than a fast shop indeed. Tried their so-called signature calamari (HK$68). The squid wasn't fresh and the coating didn't cover up that. A disastrous dish! See the shop entrance. Click to enlarge to see how they treat customers. Besides the table where 2 customers are there, there is one more table on the other side at the entrance. So the entrance is only 1 foot wide. We needed to walk pass it like a snake. Most of all, they are not charging street stall prices when they are giving services worse than street stall. BTW, they reminded every customer to return the table in an hour time.


Mickey Mouse said...

OMG Kowloon City used to be a very humble eateries area, so sad that now became human-scanner area also!

wow THB 550 pizza, no expensive ingredients, blood sucking price, with cheap quality.

but, the cause of it, is those 地產霸權 property vampire and the failure of government, c 貪曾 in hell!

Stella said...

Glad to see some under quality food in HK with over price.
Average pizza in Old Pasadena or CPK is around $10 US for a good one.

in the sea said...

In general the shops do suffer a lot from the rent, but this may not apply to this shop. In many individual pizza shops, it's something around HK$88-118.

in the sea said...

Some "fake" people often think they know where to eat... :)