Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Far too much electronic

On my flight back to HK on SQ, the flight path map has been all the time mis-located in about 4-5 km difference. The below photo showed how the plane docked on the airport, not the flying position. I noticed quite several times the current GPS on various smartphones and tablets, esp. running on Android having this kind of GPS distance variance of around 3-4 km. Perhaps nowadays the electronic communication is much overloaded and jammed. As I consider this is the year of 2012, the technology shouldn't be like this.


Stella said...

Yes, GPS and Yahoo direction are not always accurate. But overall technology is still reliable and helpful though.

in the sea said...

I think they are once pretty accurate. Just nowadays the electronic devices are much too overloaded that they interfere each other. I think my point is that "this is the year of 2012", but it looks to me we are going backward. I often told my friends to practise to remember phone no. now and even calculate some simple mathematics without relying too much on the phone.