Wednesday, July 25, 2012

土樓三弄 Hakka cuisine highlight (八月芳), Xi Yue (a Maxim's restaurant), Quarry Bay HK

Maxim's has been improving gradually on their food and service quality. Occasionally the group introduces certain specific Chinese cuisine. This summer season they highlighted a number of Hakka dishes. As I went thru' the menu, my first choice is this one "pickled yam" (photo 1) - a very long lost friend (that I only had it in my school time). When it was served on the table, the sesame on it was really original. This is the classic pickled and it's almost a forgotten recipe. Photo 3: salty chicken. 4: turnip, fish ball and smoked chicken casserole. 5: peppered pig's knuckle. 6: steamed rice with yam. 7: red date yellow wine sweet. 8: pumpkin crispy cake. All these are pretty good, especially the casserole, pig's knuckle and yellow wine sweet.


Mickey Mouse said...

oh i c my beloved pig knuckle .. so yummy but so bad for health!

Stella said...

The bowl for the sliced yam looks nice too.
Missed the Salty Baked Chicken for the Hakka Cuisine.

in the sea said...

I often tried to cut out the fat part when eating pig's knuckle. Quite technical. :)
SS, you can try to cut the yam in thin slice and place them evenly on a plate (you can put them in 3-4 layers). Then put some cooking oil and steam it for 10 minutes or place it in a rice cooker. Then put some light soy sauce. Good to go with rice.

Stella said...

Thank you SEA for the good suggestion.
I shall try this method one day.
I like yam a lot.
But I only know to steam or toast the yam or make a dessert soup.