Thursday, July 19, 2012

Once (the last) in a lifetime - Itacho Sushi, Taikooshing HK

Didn't expect I'd get some nice sushi from this shop. However, the shop often has a long line that aroused my curiosity. Think it's no harm to give a try and the answer is the last try. The sushi is not so bad but it's not worth waiting in line. However, the side dishes like salad, grilled salmon bone...etc. First the grilled salmon bone isn't grilled. It's pan fried and super oily. The deep fried dishes are horrible. Cheap oil used but charged not cheap. Another "forget it".


Mickey Mouse said...

oh it is Itacho Sushi 板長, this brand has lots of advertorial coverage; i think the long queue is caused by those poisoned advertorial and paid reviews that misled the readers.

Stella said...

Mickey, you just answered my wonder how come still long line if food only "so-so" with high price.
Yes, advertisement and soft sell(promoted by some paid magazines/ writers/reporters such as Wu) do play a major role for this.

in the sea said...

Most of all, this one is a very lousy shop in the advertorial line.