Friday, July 06, 2012

Some little things they did, but big in heart, with Niyama Maldives

Photo 1. when in the castaway island, I was given a cell. phone and simply dial the last dialed no. for assistance. Such an secured castaway trip.
Photo 2. Since the trouble happened on the 3rd night, each day or night I was given various little surprise. A nice wooden tray with some pralines and a letter of apology.
Photo 3. Was given a bottle of champaigne but I kindly return it since I don't drink. No need to waste it. They felt very embarrassed and I felt a bit embarrassed but immediately I asked for an orange juice. Some canapes to go with a nice sunset view by the beach side.
Photo 4. Some mocktail prepared in the room as we returned after dinner.
Photo 5/6. At the last night, a surprise of floral bubble bath was prepared. What more can I say? Warm and heartfelt.....


Mickey Mouse said...

i would complain that it is not an Nokia Window Phone 7.5 or Simbian phone, coz this is the only reason we may hv a hand-on experience with the Nokia stupid-phone (a $700 phone, but no hand writing function, cam no micro, lacking of many functions that is now standard on iPhone and Anroid smart-phones .. and i think Nokia executives and engineers all live in an ice-age cage and isolated from the outside world!) that no one will buy, so good for the resort to hand it out for a trial use .. *_*

syu said...

Sounds like they do provide very personal & seamless customer services! That'll make a plus for a dream vacation! :)

Stella said...

Wow cannot believe a resort in Maldives can be so good.
From what were shown above they really take care of all the small things that make a big difference.
Really thoughtful and impressive.

Good to know there are some hotels as good as MO-BKK in terms of attentive and thoughtful service.

in the sea said...

As it's just for a last dialed function, like me treating phone as a phone, I am fine with it.
Syu, the staff in the resort are actually more than the guests. Perhaps it's not in a full occupancy rate.
Let me check that MO BKK later and see where they are now. :)

Stella said...

MO-BKK is always the best to me in terms of service, food and others since I never been to Maldives.