Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Santouka 山頭火 Ramen shop, Jusco, Kornhill, Hong Kong

For those who left HK for a long time or may not know well about HK, Kornhill is a residential area on the hillside valley of Quarry Bay and it's said to be the best place for Feng Shui, as a high Parker Mountain is on the back and the water flowing in from the east Victoria Harbour with a sharp diamond (Diamond Hill) on the opposite side of Kowloon on the landscape view. Jusco and Uny are the 2 most of my frequently visited places for a quick meal or a brief shopping. When this noodle shop was first opened, a long queue was often there. So in taking a chance of seeing no queue, I immediately changed my mind to try this one.
1. The shop menu has some side snack dishes from HK$8-20 and $40 for a meat dish. 2. the shop inside.

3. Springs Egg 溫泉蛋 HK$8 - check below review. 4. side dish - pretty good for the pickled. The half split egg is also nice.

5. Miso soup char siu noodle HK$78 whole set with a curry rice and snack. 6. curry rice - a bit too sweet but it's still pretty nice.

7. Char siu noodle in hot soup - the soup base is pretty nice but a bit oily. It's not that hot and just ok to me. 8. Santouka rice (a set with noodle at HK$78) - pretty nice as it's mixed with some mushroom and black fungus and bamboo shoot.

9. Boiled cabbage HK$10 - when I had a bite, wow, it's imported cabbage from Japan! So worth for HK$10! My friend asked me how I could tell it's from Japan. It's simply because of the "straight" sweet of Japanese cabbage. Most cabbages have a kind of "raddish" smell, except Japanese cabbage is naturally sweet like a lettuce but a crispy chewy texture. Must try and please dip it in your soup. 10. see this egg - so good! HK$8 is much much worth it. It's also very sweet! Highly recommended! I know why this shop has long lines....

11/12. the shop outside.


Stella said...

I am totally out regarding this area. Don't get a clue where it is and the Chinese name of it.
The price of food here is comparable to the similar food here in LA.
One bowl of Japanese Char Siu Ramen here at Ajisen or other famous noodle shop is around $10 US.
Can you explain why the half egg and also the egg in item 10 is so good(and so costly)? I am an egg person in fact. I can eat this kind of half egg 4 times a day in average(that means 2 eggs per day and 14 eggs per week in average).
Any kind, hard boiled, half boiled "Tong Sum" one, sunny side up, Tea Egg, scramble eggs, omelette, Taiwanese or Shanghaiese "Lo Shui" eggs, steamed egg.......

Anonymous said...

I tried this ice cream too but very expensive. prefer hagen das.

in the sea said...

The area is called 康怡/康山 and actually it's the hill side of Taikooshing and Quarry Bay.

The shop uses some very nice eggs from Japan. The egg white is very 'egg white" aroma and the egg york can be very "sandy/pasty" texture like duck egg york when well done. If it's just to a 80% done, the egg york would taste like silky sweet - goodorf! Do try some eggs from Japan. They are whole lot different!

Stella said...

Thank you SEA for the explanation of the special Japanese eggs and the Kong Yee area too.

Anonymous said...

Take the MTR train to Tai Koo and Jusco and Kornhill Plaza are at the A or B exits.
Also the Japanese eggs are probably a lot safer than any from China.